At Relax and Be Free, we espouse the “Art of Service”. We pay close attention to our customers and their preferences. We take the time to tune into their particular needs for that day and create a momentous experience filled with skilled, therapeutic touch and a passion for service. We understand that navigating through life is a contact sport that can leave you feeling depleted and exhausted. We recognize that your downtime is PRECIOUS. You will receive the highest quality of bodywork each and every time you book. We have designed masterful sessions with unique, special touches that quiet the mind and banish stress. Through excellent care your reset button is activated and you leave feeling replenished and ready for life again. Come Relax and Be Free…

PURE HEAVEN MASSAGE: 120 Minutes $200.00

Indulge yourself in a luxurious pampering experience. This session will provide the ultimate break away from your busy life and tasks to gain inner perspective and release body tension. This two-hour session includes:

* Exquisite Aromatherapy is used to awaken your senses, and prepare your body and mind for the journey. Scented hot towel compresses and floral misters are used throughout the session making it a full-sensory experience.
* Head to toe massage with Acutonics Tuning Forks. This session is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and focuses on boosting your life force while relaxing you with a combination of various massage styles to suit your taste and needs.
* CranioSacral Therapy is added to this delightful package to address an over stimulated mind, reduce analytical thought and balance out your nervous system.
* Reflexology is given on your feet to reground you and complete this journey.

SIGNATURE CRYSTAL MASSAGE: 60 Minutes $165 / $90 Minutes $235

Our signature Marin spa experience to bring you into the Marin state of being. A combination of Crystal Healing, Premium Aromatherapy, and therapeutic touch. A selection of crystals will awaken your subtle energy body, assisting you to connect to higher frequencies as you release old energy. The loving massage and invigorating scents will relieve tired muscles and ease your mind. Read more…


This massage is a great choice to relieve deep tension and reduce muscle pain and soreness from life’s stresses. Your muscles get to unwind with hot compresses, special warming oils and therapeutic massage strokes are used throughout the session. We properly warm the body up first so we can effectively penetrate tissue, muscle and fascia.

SWEDISH MASSAGE: 90 Minutes $135.00

This beautiful massage session includes lovely, healing massage strokes that comfort and relax the body while helping the lymphatic system drain. Stress is minimized and your body feels very pampered and luxurious.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE: 90 Minutes $145.00

This massage helps relieve some of the extra aches and pains you get from carrying your growing baby. Relaxation techniques and special body pillows provide the comfort you need to create space in your body, release pressure and help you to relax and prepare for your birth. This session is a must for every mother who is preparing to undergo labor. Special acupressure points can be accessed to initiate labor for mothers who are past due date and facing induction.

Prenatal Massage: The Benefits of Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

“With the dramatic changes taking place in the woman’s body during pregnancy, prenatal massage at a spa – especially those recognized for offering prenatal services – is often a much-welcomed therapy. Pregnancy massage embraces the body’s transformation, helping to relax tense muscles, ease sore trouble spots, increase circulation and mobility, and provide energy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage can also decrease symptoms of depression and reduce anxiety.” – Belly Friendly

SWEDISH and DEEP TISSUE MASSAGES: 60 Minutes $100.00

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE: 60 Minutes $75.00

Therapeutic pressure placed on your hand and feet meridians is used to affect corresponding areas throughout the body, stimulate natural healing powers and promotes wellbeing. Our unique version of this traditional practice includes scalp and energy work to facilitate release. Perfect for those who have been traveling and on their feet a lot. Special floral footbaths are available.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY: 60 Minutes $100.00

Your scalp bones and muscles will love this subtle yet profound light touch modality that gently removes restrictions within the nervous system and allows the body to unwind naturally. CranioSacral Therapy is safe for everyone. It quiets the mind and is also an excellent addition to any program of rehabilitation for any kind of surgery, it is also effective in soothing migrane headaches.


Amanda Snow uses only high quality organic massage oils in every session.

All Wildcrafted, Organic and Natural ingredients in outstanding High Performance products that give gratifying Results. Fall in love with the inviting aromas. Feel the purity. Experience the results…and you’ll never want to use anything else on your skin.”