Crystal Bed

Our signature Marin spa experience to bring you into the Marin state of being. A combination of Crystal Healing, Premium Aromatherapy, and therapeutic touch. A selection of crystals will awaken your subtle energy body, assisting you to connect to higher frequencies as you release old energy. The loving massage and invigorating scents will relieve tired muscles and ease your mind.

What is a Crystal Bed?

crystal bed john of god marinThe Crystal Bed has seven extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals that are suspended approximately 12 inches above you when you lie down.

Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above one of the major seven energy centers, or chakras. A light in the color of each chakra radiates healing energy through each crystal to the corresponding chakra. The lights pulse in a specific vibration to clear, balance, and align your energy centers. You can simple re-lax, let go and receive the healing energies the crystals have to offer you.

Some of the Crystal Bed benefits experienced by others:

  • Feeling deeply relaxed and a sense of well-being
  • Feeling de-stressed and more energized
  • Feeling more balanced physically, mentally, emotion-ally and spiritually
  • Experiencing Entities of Light, angels and guides coming with messages
  • Experiencing the energy of chakras being cleaned and given new vitality
  • Receiving insights needed for healthy living and for working situations and so much more…

CRYSTAL BED: 20 Minutes $40 / $60 Minutes $100

SIGNATURE CRYSTAL BED MASSAGE: 60 Minutes $165 / $90 Minutes $235