Intuition Medicine®

Amanda offers healing sessions in Intuition Medicine®, as individual sessions or combined with Massage.

Amanda has been healing others for many years through the use of Bodywork and Intuition Medicine®. She is a graduate of Academy of Intuition Medicine® located in Sausalito, CA.

What is Intuition? Most people have heard the word.  But what is it? The dictionary defines it as ‘the faculty of knowing as if by instinct, without conscious reasoning.’ But what does that mean? ‘As if by instinct’. ‘Without conscious reasoning.’ If you take away the definition, the sense of intuition is as natural as sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. It is the sense of knowing without knowing how you know. Intuition is the ‘aha’ you sometimes experience after wracking your brain for a solution. Intuition is the light bulb over your head. Intuition is the flash of insight that reveals where your lost keys are. Intuition is the picture of your long lost friend’s face in your head just before you meet on the street. Intuition is the small, quiet voice so often drowned out by the other, more insistent noises inside and out. Intuition is the voice that advises us and to which we often say later ‘if only I had listened..’

Intuition Medicine® is the wise person inside of you, your natural innate intelligence of knowing the answer. Intuition Medicine® is the inner pharmacopoeia of spiritual medicine, which is the key to unlocking an ancient human wisdom. This medicine is always available to you without a prescription. Intuition Medicine® as a Science of Energy mines the rich resources of this human intelligence for health and creates an easy, practical and enduring system for healing your body, mind and spirit.

The healing practice we now call ‘traditional medicine’ is a comparatively new development in human history. However, in the past hundred years or so, its widespread use leaves little room for other healing arts. Eastern medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, and other forms of ‘alternative medicine’ which have been part of human history for centuries have only recently become acceptable forms of treatment in our society. Intuition Medicine is another ancient healing modality that is now being recognized for it efficacy in treating disease and promoting health and healing.

While by no means common practice, it is not unusual for an Intuition Medicine practitioner to work beside a surgeon in the operating room. Physicians are beginning to call on professional intuitives for advice or second opinions.”

Excerpt taken from Intuition Medicine® the Science of Energy by Francesca McCartney, Ph. D. 

Intuition Medicine® is a registered trademark of Francesca McCartney, PhD being used with permission


This fully clothed session accelerates cellular healing through visualization and guided imagery. Techniques for proper boundaries and protection to safely function in our modern world are offered. You will learn healing tools for:

Grounding – Our natural connection with the earth.
Auras – Our natural protective force.
Chakras – Our energy anatomy focal points.

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